Valerie Fox’s Taxi Driving Ex Fills her Arse

Fake Taxi

Valerie Fox takes a taxi to Knightsbridge, when the driver realises that his passenger is his ex, Valerie is less than impressed that her cabbie is her ex lover, “off all the f*cking taxi drivers I get you!” she says, you would have though it would be the cabbie who was more distressed at the awkward situation as it was Valerie who dumped him for some rich twat, he tries to wind her up by implying that he knows that she would like to feel his cock in her arse again, buy instead of taking any offence she does;t think one last time might not be such a bad idea, so her ex takes the cab to a little quiet place, the cabbie jumps in the back where Valerie proceeds to suck on his cock like the good old times when they were boyfriend and girlfriend, het tongue teases the head and underside of his penis, she always knew what did it for him and she’s still got it, she then climbs on top of his cock, he pounds her pussy from underneath before bending her over the back seat and as promised fills her ass for one last time, sliding his hard cock in her tight anal hole, Valerie begs him saying “f*cking empty your balls in my arse, cream it”, which is exactly what he does, he pumps his spunk inside her anus, pulling it out leaving her hole gaping and leaking sperm while he shoots the last few squirts on her arse crack.

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