Sub Valerie Fox Abused by Master

Valerie Fox has consented to allow Master White to explore her submissive BDSM side. Having understood and signed her consent of slavery contract and given a safe word “red”, the abuse commences having relinquished all control of what happens in this session to her Master. Master grans his sib by the throat and instructs her to address him as “Master”, “yes Master” she replies, “Now take those fucking tits out!” demands Master, he then once again grabs her by the neck and slaps on of her boobs, she is then made to wear a bondage mask with nostril holes and an opening for access to her mouth, when on her knees and restrained her Master strikes her round the head with a firm slap, he then uses scissors to cut of her vest top and uses clothes pegs to clamp her nipples, he pulls at the press while they’re still clamping her nips, pulling them, she begs “please master” in an attempt to get him to stop, she then is told to open her mouth before Master unfastens his flies and takes out his erect cock and feeds it into her mouth for her to gobble on, he forces himself to the back of her throat which causes her to gag, leaving her mouth and his cock messy with spit, he then removes the hood and then ties her up in bondage rope, hog tied he cuts her panties off and fingers her pussy and arse hole before inserting a metal plug in her anus and penetrating her pussy with his cock.

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