Billie Rai Sex in Taxi

Fake Taxi

Having jumped in a taxi to Croydon Billie Rai and given him her sob story about how skint she to at the moment, the cabbie tells her the fare will be approx. £30/£35 and suggest that if she flashes her tits for him he won’t charge her the fare. One thing leads to another and he;s soon question he how much would she charge for him to jump in the back with her and have a fuck, he offers her a £100, she laughs joking that it’s “£900 more than that”, but still she agrees to his £100 for car sex offer. After parking up somewhere quiet they get down to business in the back of the cab, Billie soon has his big cock out and is teasing her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, the driver then sits on her face, she’s his cock deep down her throat while he gives her pussy a good fingering, she then gets bent over with her head through the drivers hatch and given a real good pounding, the taxi driver bareback her pussy good, leaving his cum inside her, a beautiful sight is witnessed when the pervy taxi drive pulls his cock out of her, leaving her hole dripping with jizz.

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